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Another of the unique homes nestled along Presque Isle's shoreline, this piece was commissioned by the owner as a special gift for his wife. The home faces Lake Erie and its beautiful sunsets. Distinctly different from the neighboring homes, the clean lines and architectural style, along with its tower, are reminiscent of the lake lighthouses, giving this home its own special characteristics. The large boulders and the solitary tree are as important to the drawing as the home itself, providing a sense of environment and nature, with the lake waters visible on the horizon.

Artist's Note:
As in the previous drawing, this image as well as many of the others included on the site afford me the opportunity to work with the textures of stone, wood, brick, sand, water, etc,, all of which I find to be most challenging and most enjoyable.

Private Residence, Erie, PA USA
Private Residence, Erie, PA USA
Pen and Ink
20" x 26" (approximately)