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This drawing was a special gift for the company's owner, commissioned by her husband. The piece shows the progression from the company's roots in a private home in 1969 through a series of locations. The center drawing shows Moore Research's newest home, one that will provide much needed additional space, as well as room for future growth.

This was an especially exciting project since I am well acquainted with the owner and her husband, a friend and longtime teaching cohort at Cathedral Prep. The entire project was a complete surprise to her and was unveiled during the move in! I was pleased to be able to chronicle the history that began in 1969 and wish everyone at Moore Research continued success. For more information on the company, I've provided a link to their website. Click on "Moore Research" below to visit them!

Moore Research

Moore Reseach, Erie, PA USA
Moore Research
Original Pen & Ink Drawing
28" x 34" approx.