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This original drawing shows what was for many years the Main Entrance to Cathedral Prep High School in Erie, PA. As a Prep alumnus and a faculty member for nearly forty years, this drawing holds many memories both for me and the thousands of graduates who have entered through these doors. Founded in 1921 by Archbishop John Mark Gannon, this all male Roman Catholic high school remains one of the top schools in the state and is well known throughout the country for its academics and the spirit of brotherhood that exists among its graduates.

The heavy oak doors, and carved stonework with the school's name and the bishop's seal, reflect the spirit and tradition that marked the foundation upon which Prep was built. With its roots dating back to 1921, the school continues to educate young men for the modern world, addressing the needs of "spirit, mind, and body".

The drawing is a study in textures, shadows, lines and memories. Although the "main entrance" was recently changed to another door, to many of the alumni this will forever be the one we remember. It will always remain one of my favorite pieces.

Cathedral Prep Main Entrance, Erie, PA USA
West Ninth Street Entrance, Cathedral Preparatory High School, Erie, PA USA
Pen and ink
20" x 24" approx.